PAVE LOW Cancer Tracking Database (Anonymous)

For PAVE LOW Ops and Maintenance. While our H-53 was not always a PAVE, we need to limit the responses to just PAVE.
UPDATE: If anyone in that was/is in the PAVE HAWK community would like to run the same study, Tom Green is willing to help as an advisor (if you don’t know how to contact him, just contact me via this website). Also, please contact Tom Green if you submitted an entry below as he may need additional or clearer information. You can also contact him if you would like to have a copy of the results. FYI, no personal information is collected on this site. What you see in the forms below is what is collected. Tom will NOT release your name if you share info with him. The database shared with Christine Rutledge will NOT contain any names or contact info as well.

From Tom Green,
Another one of our brothers is now privately battling Cancer.  He asked me to see if any others are also in that fight.  His request made me decide to build a PAVE LOW Cancer historical database.  It will also assist in Christine Rutledge’s mission which she launched to help all of us.  To you – if you ever had, or know of a PAVE LOW brother who died from Cancer or is currently in that fight, please share that with me.  Note – your information will remain anonymous.  I’ll use a simple numbered sequence as reference.  My own Cancer is tied to Agent Orange, so not helpful.   Christine is doing this on her own, in memory of Randy and for us, with much personal effort.  
As my start, and I’m uncertain in some cases but I think we’ve lost the following to Cancer: Jim Shaffer, Randy Rutledge, John Adrian, Tim Hadrych, Gordy Williams, Bill Allen, Matt Trim, George Hodges, T.R. Hill, Jamie Donald, Lou Grant, and Joe Barnes.  That would be 12 from the tributes I made.  If you know either of these guys did, or did not die from Cancer, please let me know.  As Vic Allen said, this is where many consequential movements begin.
If you take the time to reply, simply reference the question # in your answer.  I told Christine I’d share the info with her as soon as possible.  Please help us all by filling out a cancer survey:

e.g. Desert Shield/Desert Storm, OEF, OIF, etc.