The PAVE Cave was developed in 2003 with the goal to help keep the MH-53J/M PAVE LOW community connected and informed. We provide a digital archive of our history, coordinate/communicate events, and assist our community and their family members as needed.


By PaveFE | January 7, 2022

UPDATE: If anyone in that was/is in the PAVE HAWK community would like to run the same study, Tom Green is willing to help as an advisor (if you don’t know how to contact him, just contact me via this website). Also, please contact Tom Green if you submitted an entry below as he may…

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Site Updates

By PaveFE | August 29, 2021

Nothing new to add at the moment. Still uploading videos to our Rumble channel.

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Direct link to the Air Commando Journal page.

MH-53 PAVE LOW Tribute Video

Credit - Chris Curtis