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The PAVE Cave is a website used for informational purposes related to the USAF MH-53 helicopter and her community of maintainers and operators. The website is not affiliated with, nor endorsed by, the United States Air Force in any manner. Money donated to the site is used strictly for operation of the site, to include, but not limited to, web hosting, domain name, DNS, and other software programs to operate, maintain, or enhance the capability of the site. All donations and expenses are accounted for on the Financial Statement page.

Our goal is to keep the MH-53 community connected, and to preserve as much of our history as possible in digital medium. We also welcome any visitors to learn about the history of the U.S. Air Force MH-53 helicopter(s) and her community of operators, maintainers, and support personnel.

Each member of the PAVE LOW community is encouraged to send suggestions as to what they might like to see on the site or how we can improve it.

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