Pave Low brothers,

Last January, we lost our Gunner brother, Randy Rutledge.  His death, along with five other Pave Low brothers (Gordy Williams, Jim Shaffer, Tim Hadrych, Bill Allen and John Adrian) within the past 18 month period, makes for more of a tragic a blow.  Randy’s wife, Chris is spearheading an initiative to try and determine if there is some yet unknown, common source connecting our lost brothers, and/or their spouses.  The deaths from cancer in a few of the cases was Endocrine system related.  You may be able to help Chris simply by speaking with her.  She isn’t seeking financial support, only general information to help determine if there is a medical plume, so to speak related to our Pave Low losses.  Again, the loss of an active duty member’s spouse is no less tragic, but may very well be related to Chris’ research.  She also hopes to get names of who have been diagnosed with cancer and still living.  That information will help the overall case for those who have passed and those for whom she is currently fighting.  Chris writes, families should not have to worry about what happens next, how do I survive this.
WEAR-TV3 heard of Chris’ quest and wants to interview her, with the exact date TBD.  Tim Hadrych and John Adrian both lived out of state and they also died while in late middle age.  That’s why it’s important for all our brothers, sisters and spouses to consider contacting Chris if a family member has died of, or is currently challenged with Cancer.  

Thank you for your consideration and help by contacting Chris (Send email to the site and I’ll pass it on). 
Please feel free to contact me (Tom Green) if you have any difficulty contacting her.  Chris ended her email to me with, “Please reassure everyone that this is a fight I have to do and need to do as I promised Randy, not just for him but for all those who flew with him.” 
Pave Low Leads…