Memorial Wall

This virtual wall is dedicated to our fellow USAF MH-53 PAVE LOW warriors that have served our country,
but have have left the Earth for the Heavens during training, combat, or as a veteran.

We will never forget their dedication and sacrifice....ever.

9 April 2010

PAVE LOW pilot Randy Voas and PAVE LOW Flight Engineer JB Lackey were killed when their CV-22B Osprey crashed in Afghanistan.

23 November 2003
MH-53M 70-1625

Four crew members and one team member were killed in combat when their helicopter, call sign "Beatle 12" crashed approximately seven miles east of Bagram AB, Afghanistan due to an engine malfunction.

3 June 1999
MH-53J 68-0364

SSgt Kurt J. Upton was killed when his MH-53J PAVE LOW III helicopter
dusted out and crashed while attempting to land during
a training mission on a farm near Pope AFB, NC.

Repatriation Video       |      Fly Away Video

21 May 1986
HH-53H 73-1651

Major Richard "Dick" Brims was killed when the helicopter he was flying impacted a ridgeline at night while performing a formation approach during exercise ELATED CYCLONE in the Nevada test range.

17 October 1984
HH-53H 73-1647

Six PAVE LOW crew members deployed to Republic of the Philippines for Exercise "COPE THUNDER 85-1" were killed when their helicopter crashed during a night TF mission in heavy rain squall.


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