Operation EAGER ANVIL: PAVE LOW Leaders

By PaveFE | October 14, 2019
An inside look at the mission that kicked off Operation DESERT STORM.
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Sad news in our PAVE LOW family

By PaveFE | October 10, 2019

PAVE LOW and CV-22 Crew Chief CJ Swearingen passed away recently. I will provide more details when I get them.

His family is struggling with getting through these hard times, as you can only imagine. The military is helping in every possible. However, CJ had separated back in August. So, there is only so much they can legally do. In the meantime, CJ’s family has just suddenly and abruptly gone from a dual income household to a single income.

Under the circumstances, it may be months before an insurance policy pays out. This means that his family’s income is going to be danger close when the monthly bills start dropping. Please help donate to the family of one of our own and remind the Swearingen’s they are not alone and the PAVE LOW family will help them as much as possible.

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