Jerry Burchfield

PAVE LOW Crew Chief

(if you have a photo of Jerry, please contact us)

MSgt (Ret) Jerry Burchfield passed away March 2011. His funeral was held Friday, 4 March 2011 at the Hurlburt Air Park.

Jerry retired from McClellan AFB, in 1986 He was a gunner, crew-chief, and maintenance supervisor on H-53, H-1 Hueys, and the H-3. He did two tours in Vietnam, a tour at Woodbridge, two tours at Hill, once at Patrick. Jerry was in the 20th SOS in Vietnam, he was there in the beginning of the CSAR before they were called PJ's. He moved to Navarre in 1991. Many people in the PAVE LOW community that live in the Hurlburt area knew Jerry well.